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What kind of family must test formaldehyde before it is checked in?

What kind of family must test formaldehyde before it is checked in?

With the improvement of the awareness of the indoor environment, people are more and more concerned about the impact of the indoor environment on the health of their own and family members. So, what kind of family must measure formaldehyde?

As we all know, formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance that has great damage to the human body. However, in recent years, the excessive standard of formaldehyde has appeared repeatedly. It is understood that the home use formaldehyde to release a quantity to exceed the standard of adhesive, man-made board, paint, furniture and other products, is the main cause of indoor air formaldehyde content exceed the standard, and to wait for the home air pollution of harmful pollutants most completely volatile, take up to 10 to 15 years.

According to reports, the new home decoration if there are four categories of people, so as to detect indoor air before check: one is with allergies in the family members, there are two sickly family members, there are three children in the family members, there is a plan in one or two years have children or pregnant.Live in the Zhongtian garden Ms. Zou home a new baby, in order to stay more safe, in the new house after the renovation for months for ventilation, but still some do not worry, to do a new indoor test, living room inspection results are qualified, but the main bedroom formaldehyde content exceed the standard trace.

Staff said that maintaining indoor air circulation is an effective way to reduce indoor formaldehyde pollution. After finishing the construction, do not rush to check in immediately, at least for 1 months or more. At ordinary times, you can often open windows and ventilate, or choose effective air ventilation device.

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