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Standards and cleaning tips for high performance AB adhesive

Standards and cleaning tips for high performance AB adhesive

Listen to AB glue may be known to many people is a mixture of components A, B glue, why mix the two components? Because the glue itself is liquid or paste, these glues need to be cured before they can play a bonding role, then how to curing, a single component of the adhesive is not required curing agent AB adhesives are often referred to as two-component adhesives. AB adhesives need to be cured with curing agents.

It is necessary for rubber adhesive to be dispensed. If the proportion and some operation methods are not correct, it will have a great impact on the performance and process of the adhesive, such as mixing method is not correct will produce bubbles, there is also the operation method is not correct if the strength of the adhesive is affected, so when using high-performance AB adhesive must pay attention to the use of methods.

High performance standard for use of AB adhesive

1. Remove the moisture, dirt and oil stains on the surface of the sticky material, and keep the sticky surface clean.

2. First, the high performance AB is mixed with 1 equal A agents and 1 equal amount of B agent respectively and mixed evenly.

3. Mix the high-performance AB adhesive evenly, then apply it on the bonding surface, then press the two bonding surfaces with force, so that there is no gap between the two bonding surfaces.

4, large area bonding, double-sided glue. A agent is coated on one adhesive surface and B agent is coated on the other side. After bonding, it should be rubbed for several times.

5. Small area bonding, can mix AB coating in a bonding surface, and then bonding two bonding surface; or automatic mixing glue coating machine, after bonding about 3-5 minutes, you can get the initial strength, 24 hours after the strength of the highest.

6. High-performance AB glue-coated adhesive should be prohibited from moving or moving within at least 30 minutes, otherwise it will seriously affect the bonding effect.

7. High-performance AB adhesives should be used and tested at least 4 hours after being coated. Otherwise, the curing effect, bonding life and test data will be affected.

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High performance AB cleaning tips:

1. Soap with a little ammonia water and turpentine mixture, you can remove a lot of dirt and make the glass surface more glossy (for ceramic tiles, ceramics, glass, refrigerators, etc.).

2. repeated sticky tearing with sticky transparent adhesive can remove some of the surface.

3. use a little sodium or water, or paint thinner.

4. you can use the hair dryer to blow dry, and then gently scrape it.

5. use cotton swabs to wash the nail polish.

6. wipe the essence.

7. use special detergent or sports shoes decontamination cream to wipe.

8. the 4B rubber used in drawing is a very soft kind of Korean rubber that can erase it.

9. if the traces that have remained for a long time have hardened, you can use soft towels to soften it and try again.

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