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Properties of crystal glue

Properties of crystal glue

1, appearance: colorless, low odor, low anti-corrosion, transparent viscous liquid, no mechanical impurities. Highly transparent, high light transmittance, low shrinkage of the adhesive layer, and will not become yellow after curing in a humid environment.

2, curing speed is fast, a few seconds positioning, a few minutes to achieve the highest intensity, greatly improving the efficiency.

3, strong adhesion, low viscosity, high strength, large area bonding without bubbles, easy to clean, meet the bonding requirements.

4, flexible formula, glue is not white, can not afford to Zou, the formation of the adhesive layer of high transmittance.

5, it has good moisture and heat resistance and good radiation resistance. It can maintain good adhesive effect for a long time.

6, safety and toxicity characteristics: no volatile components, no inhalation risk, gel cured after the actual, non-toxic, easy to use and safe.

7, good storage stability, storage at room temperature.

Technical parameters: capacity: 250ml, smell light.

Glass glue is a kind of material for bonding and sealing all kinds of glass with other substrates.

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