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Method of recovery and utilization of polyurethane

Method of recovery and utilization of polyurethane

The application of polyurethane soft foam, rigid foam, reaction injection molding (RIM) elastomer, cast elastomers, adhesives, coatings, and soles, sealants, foam which occupies most, and the foam soft foam and most. The soft foam is mainly used in the shock proof of furniture, the mattress, the bottom of the carpet, the car cushion, and the shock proof packaging. Rigid foam is mainly used in insulation, used as building insulation laminate, with soft materials such as paper, aluminum foil or hard materials such as aluminum or steel composite; can also be used for refrigerators, refrigerator, and heat insulation for the industry; in addition, are widely used in packaging, transportation etc.. RIM products are mainly used in automobile industry, including instrument panels, bumpers, main board, the standard windows, also used in agricultural equipment, mining equipment, equipment and sporting goods. The polyurethane casting bodies are mainly used in industrial tires, roller skating shoes, printer rollers, transport belts, pumps and so on.

All soft foam wastes can be used in the lower layer of the re - adhesive carpet. Soft foam after the separation and purification was cut into the size of fragments, foam scrap with glue, adhesive is based on toluene diisocyanate (TDI) or two (MDI) benzoyl embankment diisocyanate and polyether alcohol as raw materials of polyurethane, the dosage is 10% - 20% of the amount of foam. After adding the catalyst, it is mixed and pressed in the mold and heated to solidify. According to the different pressure, can obtain the density different molded products (40100kg/m3). Another method is to use the foam soft foam at low temperature is crushed into a certain size of powder, powder and polyol mixture, the polyol amount can reach 15% to 20%; the slurry made of polyol and isocyanate powder and mixed, then foaming processing in foam processing equipment, through the control the amount of catalyst and isocyanate, can obtain good performance of the foam, the foam properties and the original material comparable.

In addition to polyurethane alcoholysis, hydrolysis and pyrolysis, Recyclable polyol and related materials. Steam hydrolysis, alcoholysis, diol cracking method.

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