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Five advantages of environmental adhesive

Five advantages of environmental adhesive

Five advantages of environmental adhesive

Glue is that no harm to the human body in the use of process, green environmental protection products, mainly reflected in the smell, the smell of glue is generally very thick, the harm to the human body is very large, and the smell of glue are generally very weak, and the volatile is also very fast, within 24 hours to completely evaporate, so is the real environmental glue glue. Yantai Shun Tai chemical industry is the production of environmentally-friendly plastic professional manufacturers, the company products are through the national testing center of detection, is completely pollution-free green products, and Yantai Shun Tai and other chemical products, such as chlorine Ding Jiaonian mixture, glue, plastic film, plastic seal, a lot of sodium. White latex and various chemical species, is thinner, you buy! Like shellac, bone glue, gelatin, are environmentally friendly natural glue.

Environmental glue has five special features:

※ instantly bond -- the trace moisture in the atmosphere, you can engage in a variety of hand a few seconds to a few minutes strong.

※ strong bond -- more than 200 kilograms per square centimeter of tension.

※ The room temperature hardening -- without heating, room temperature can be used.

※ The single component -- no solvent, very convenient to use, and should not be mixed, not pale.

※ The transparent colorless -- obvious effect, no bubble, no deterioration, no influence on plastic.

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