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Developing direction of shoe making industry -- environmental water adhesive

Developing direction of shoe making industry -- environmental water adhesive

In China, the glue poisoning caused a series of social problems, and attracted great attention of the public and government departments at all levels, for the footwear industry sounded the alarm. Also in recent years, China began to implement the National Standard Specification for adhesives industry, the introduction of the national standard GB19340-2003.

In foreign countries, in early 90s, the United States and Europe have used for environmental protection adhesive issued a mandatory national law, according to the European guidelines for EUDirective1999/13/EC of volatile organic solvents (VOC) emission limit requirements, in the shoe, to determine the emission limits for each solvent consumption within 5T, all parts of the total (limited release VOC) 25g/. And make sure to reduce the organic solvent release schedule, requirements of the 37.5g (which can be higher than the target release limit 50%), at the end of October 2007 is required to fully achieve the target release limit (i.e., each pair of shoes voc25g).

Environmentally friendly water-based adhesive has been widely used in European and American brands, Nike, Adidas and other international well-known brand products have been used in water-based adhesive. With respect to the application of foreign water-based adhesives and coatings are widely spread, the development of water environmental protection adhesive shoe of our country is still in a relatively backward stage, at present, only some of the big brands in use, as part of the product red dragonfly, double star, Lining, 361, and some super city such as WAL-MART's standards are very strict to enter the mall, water glue.

Lin Huayu said that environmental protection water-based glue using water as solvent, hot melt adhesive as solid adhesive without solvent in theory to solve the fundamental problem of the toxicity ", it has four characteristics: one is environmental protection, does not contain little or containing VOC (volatile organic compounds), no harm to human health and ecological environment; the two is the high solid content of PU resin content reached 50%, is 3-4 times the traditional oil-based products, so it can be reached later higher than the oily product bonding effect; the three is to save, because not volatile, reduce waste, and the use of a rubber process, thin coating, can significantly save the amount; four is not flammable explosive, storage security, no fire hazard.

Water-based adhesive is the development direction of the footwear industry, conform to the development trend of rubber shoes with the use of water-based adhesive either from the green barriers to international trade, or the creation of a harmonious society, care staff, environmental protection standpoint, are of great significance. We advocate more shoe enterprises to join the ranks of green environmental protection, caring society, caring for the environment, hope water-based adhesive use is no longer out of reach in the promotion of Chinese shoe.

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