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Design of improving water resistance and heat resistance of adhesives

Design of improving water resistance and heat resistance of adhesives

Moisture and moisture have great influence on the durability of adhesives. Therefore, the good water resistance and low water absorbency of adhesives are prerequisites for high durability, especially in hot and humid environment. Epoxy 0 nylon gum, epoxy - low molecular polyamide gum, epoxy - polysulfone gum, etc. are not good for durability and can only be used in the environment and are not suitable for long-term use in wet situations. Epoxy - butadiene nitrile gum, epoxy - phenolic resin, epoxy - polysulfide adhesive, and so on water resistance, in wet or wet heat conditions have good durability. The aromatic amine curing epoxy adhesive has better resistance to damp heat. If the epoxy resin is mixed with coal tar, the water resistance is very high after curing. When the 2%~10% coal tar is contained in epoxy resin, the water resistance is the best, maintaining 3000h at 60 degrees C, and the strength decline is no more than 20%. 80% underwater epoxy curing agent can not solidify epoxy resin in wet environment or water, and has good water resistance. It can be used in water for a long time. Epoxy resin is reacted with silicone resin to produce epoxy silicone resin to improve water resistance.

Under the long-term high temperature, the adhesive layer is aging due to the combined action of heat and oxygen, resulting in the decrease of durability. Therefore, it is very important to improve the heat resistance of adhesive. Epoxy adhesive containing aromatic ring, aliphatic ring, heterocycle, phenolic aldehyde, silicon, boron, phosphorus and titanium will improve heat resistance, and alicyclic epoxy resin has strong weatherability and high heat resistance.

Heat resistant epoxy phenolic glue, epoxy silicone, epoxy polysulfone adhesive, epoxy bismaleimide, bisphenol S epoxy glue with high.

Heat resistant fillers, such as chrysotile, antimony oxide, aluminum powder, calcium sulfate whisker, magnesium hydroxide whisker and Zinc Oxide whisker, can enhance heat resistance of epoxy adhesives.

The alicyclic epoxy resin, amino polyfunctional epoxy resin, novolac epoxy resin, bisphenol S epoxy resin, organic titanium epoxy resin, silicone epoxy resin, liquid crystalline epoxy resin, epoxy resin adhesive preparation of hydantoin heat resistance than bisphenol A epoxy resin with better heat resistance, with aromatic amine curing epoxy adhesive high.

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