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Design of chemical treatment and silane coupling agent

Design of chemical treatment and silane coupling agent

The chemical treatment of the surface of the adhesive can change the state and structure of the surface, which is beneficial to the formation of chemical bond binding and strong boundary.

The adhesion strength and durability can be greatly improved. Appropriate chemistry should be carried out for high strength and long life structure bonding.

Handle。 The surface of amorphous aluminum chromate has a special effect on the exposure of the coastal atmosphere. The treatment of titanium alloys with alkaline peroxide has better durability

It is more prominent in the hot and humid environment.

The best water resistance can be obtained after the aluminum bonding of anodized aluminum. The adhesive joint of anodic oxidation of phosphoric acid is scissors after wet heat aging 3000h

The shear strength decreased less than 10%. The primer can protect the surface treatment after the oxide film is free of hydrolysis, most primer containing corrosion inhibiting agent, further modified

Good hydrolytic stability of epoxy and metal interface and prevent corrosion in salt fog, to improve the adhesive strength and durability of great significance.

For example, epoxy adhesive elastomer modified 2014-T3 aluminum lap shear specimens, 121 ~ C after curing, exposure to salt spray environment, make the

The shear strength decreased from the initial 39.2MPa to 30.89MPa and the strength retention rate after 180d was exposed by BR-127.

It is 79%. The shear strength decreased from the initial 40.5MPa to zero when the 180d was also exposed to BR-123 without corrosion inhibitor.

The treatment of aluminum alloy surface with cobalt chromate solution improves the stability of the adhesive interface to water and greatly improves the adhesion durability.

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