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Delamination of sealant for electrical sealant

Delamination of sealant for electrical sealant

Electrical engineers should pay attention to the problem of delamination electrical encapsulant sealant, epoxy resin, silicone resin, polyurethane glue, hot glue or asphalt stone wax, in color, with filler sealant, mostly with high density and high proportion of filler, such as quartz, calcium, aluminum hydroxide, and even greater density of barite stone and other inorganic mineral material, to improve a variety of formulations, when in use, must mix, especially when needed and curing agent in the reaction type, the general packing is in the A component, before use if not uniform stirring will cause adverse effects of cured product quality, it is more terrible sometimes this bad product is difficult to immediately find the emergence of a large number of production waste, even a large number of potentially dangerous products circulation in the customer market, as many of the time Bombs, including producers, often ignore the precipitation in the curing process of the solidified substance.

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