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Composition and usage of conductive adhesives

Composition and usage of conductive adhesives

The composition of conductive adhesives:

Conductive fillers are commonly used for conductive fillers: metal powder, graphite powder, acetylene carbon black and carbon fiber, among which metal powder is the most widely used. In metal powder, gold powder has good chemical stability, high conductivity, but high price. It can only be used for high possibility of copper powder, aluminum powder is easy to oxidize, electrical conductivity is unstable; the most used is silver powder. Silver powder has excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, and is relatively slow in air, so it is an ideal conductive filler. The size and shape of silver powder have a great influence on the conductivity of the conductive adhesive. Generally speaking, the smaller the particle is, the more irregular the shape is, the better the conductivity.

Use of conductive adhesives:

Conductive adhesive is a kind of adhesive which is suitable for the development of electronic industry. It is used to connect the circuit in the assembly process of electrical and electronic. Welding welding requires high temperature heating, sometimes it is easy to damage the component parts, and it is difficult to control the use of very small amount of solder or accurate welding, and can be made into conductive paste, using its good adhesion to many materials, the graphic lines are printed on different material line plates, as a conductive line.

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