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Application of room temperature curing epoxy adhesive

Application of room temperature curing epoxy adhesive

Room temperature curing epoxy adhesive is a kind of time saving, labor saving, energy saving, convenient use and a series of advantages of the adhesive is applied to all walks of life, such as in aviation, aircraft in some large or fine component adhesive mechanical and electronic industry, civil construction, repair damage, bridges, dams. Repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery repair, strengthening, and protect cultural relics, wet surface and water glue etc.. Therefore, the speed of development is very fast, the quantity is large, and it becomes an important variety of epoxy adhesive. Experts in China's epoxy Industry Association, room temperature curing epoxy resin adhesive is divided into two categories: ordinary epoxy adhesive and special epoxy adhesive curing at room temperature (such as fast curing adhesive, UV curing adhesive).

Characteristic of curing epoxy adhesive at normal temperature:

1. Because the indoor temperature is not cured, the curing process is simple, the use is convenient, no need for vulcanization equipment, energy saving and cost.

2, high bonding strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and electrical properties are usually lower than those of medium and high temperature curing agents. In particular, the thermoelectric resistance drops rapidly with the increase of temperature. The long term use temperature is generally not more than 80 C.

3. The period of use at room temperature is short.

4, the curing time is usually 24 hours to reach the appropriate strength, 3-7 days to reach the maximum strength, with the change of temperature.

5. It has low cost, convenient use and high room temperature, so the application range is wide and the demand is large. It is the most kind of epoxy adhesive.

Curing epoxy adhesives at normal temperature:

1, it must be cured at room temperature (15-40 C)

2. Combination of high strength, heat-resistant performance and good use of appropriate technology

3, the general epoxy adhesive should consider reducing the cost

4, room temperature curing should also ensure specific performance. The adhesive strength and durability should be improved, and the reaction activity of fast curing adhesive should be further improved.

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