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Adsorption theory

Adsorption theory

Adsorption theory, adhesion adhesive produced mainly from the interface between the adhesive and adherend between two kinds of molecular interaction, there are the interaction between solid and liquid molecules of all these forces, including chemical Jianli, Jianli van Edward forces and hydrogen. This process is, first of all by Brown to be adhesive molecular motion mobile sticking surface, adhesive molecules of polar groups to be polar part of the adherend near, when the rubber molecules and the adherend intermolecular distance is less than 0.5NM, the intermolecular binding produces hydrogen bond force or force van Edward. According to adsorption theory, if the glue intermediate group of polar molecules is larger, more number of the polarity of the bonding strength of adhesive material is higher, polar and nonpolar adhesive adherend or non-polar and polar adhesive adherend bonding, due to intermolecular repulsion, is not conducive to the molecular approach, cannot produce enough intermolecular forces, so the adhesion is poor, and non - polar and nonpolar adhesive adherend with small adhesive strength produced by dispersion force.

The theory of adsorption is mainly due to the bonding adhesive and adherend interaction, but it cannot be fully explained between the adhesive and the adherend adhesive adhesion agent is sometimes greater than the fact that it can't explain the polarity and some glue, adhesive, glue and some small polarity, but the adhesion phenomenon, which not only shows the limitations of this theory, and it can explain the phenomenon, has listed the.

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