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502 Super Glue

Brand : MAGPOW

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 25-35 DAYS

Supply capacity : 100 TON/MONTH

Article Numbersuper glue):  

MPC104, MPC108, MPC110

Specification: MPC104(3g/pc,1pc/card,12cards/inner,12inners/ctn),MPC108(3g/pc,12pcs/card,24cards/ctn),MPC110(3g/pc,12pcs/card,50cards/ctn)
Meas: MPC104(33.5X23X38.5cm),MPC108(37.5X18.5X24.5cm),MPC110(42X13X58.5cm)


Article Numberpower glue):  MPC102, MPC103, MPC123, MPC115, MPC122

Specification: MPC102(3g/pc,1pc/card,12cards/inner,12inners/ctn),MPC103(10g/pc,1pc/card,12cards/inner,12inners/ctn),MPC123(3g/pc,3pcs/card,12cards/inner,12inners/ctn),MPC115( 3g/pc, 12pcs/card, 24cards/ctn.), MPC122(4g/pc, 12pcs/card, 40cards/ctn)
Meas: MPC102(33.5X23X38.5cm), MPC103(35X30.5X38.5cm), MPC123(46.5X39X31cm), MPC115(37.5X18.5X24.5cm), MPC122(42X40X24cm).


Article Numbercrazy glue):  MPC101

Specification: MPC101(10g/pc,1pc/card,12cards/inner,12inners/ctn)

Meas: MPC101(35X30.5X38.5cm)


Article Numbergel glue): MPC121

Specification: MPC121(3g/pc,2pcs/card,24cards/inner,12inners/ctn)

Meas: MPC121(66X24X43.5cm)


502 Super Glue is the adhesive with one component which could be solidified instantly, having the features of easy operating, high adhesive performance, themal resistant, water resistant and oil resistant etc.

Main Component: 


Technical Feature: 





Solidifying Time (s)

Dynamic Viscosity(20℃,mPa.s)

Peel Strengthen(60℃×3h,MPa)

Super Glue

Transparent or light yellow liquid




Power Glue




Crazy Glue




Gel Glue

Transparent paste




Scope Of Application: 
502 Super Glue could be applied to bond of metal, rubber, plastic, wood, pottery in the fields of daily household repairing, arts making and repairing, apparatus first orienting etc.

Using Method:  
1.Clean the surface, keep dry and get rid of the grease, rust. Otherwise, it would effect the solidifying speed and intensity.  For metal material, remove the oil and rust firstly, then wash the surface with acetone, ethyl ester. For non metal, wash the surface with methyl chloroform.
2.Use the cap to cut through the nozzle.  Pile out the small quantity glue liquid, drop the glue onto the surface (only lubricate the surface), press and bond the material hardly.
3.The best time to use: at temperature 20~25℃, relative humidity 50%.

1.Take precaution against touching by the hands or eyes. If does, wash with acetone or dip in the water, do not peel the glue by force. If getting in the eyes, wash with water at once then see the doctor for further steps.
2.502 Super Glue has irritant odor. Keep the environment be ventilative and wear glasses to protect the eyes during long term usage. 
3.Tighten the lid carefully after applying.
4.Please keep out of the touching by kid.

Storage And Packing: 
1.502 Super Glue is nonflammable. Keep dry and out of light, low temperature (20-25℃) during storage. The shelf life is one year.
2.If the 502 Super Glue does not solidifying beyond the shelf life, it could be used still. But the solidifying speed and adhesive intensity would be affected at some degree.   

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